Chipley High School English Teacher, Jiranda White, was excited to receive her Clear Touch Interactive Board last week (see photos below). In an email sent to Superintendent Taylor, Ms. White shared, "I am ready to Educate, Engage, Inspire, and Empower the next generation using our new technology!" 
These boards were recently placed in all classrooms at both Chipley and Vernon High School. The installation process was a cooperative effort involving school and district staff as well as students! At this time, every Washington County PK-12 classroom has access to an interactive board to enhance instruction. 
This technology is wonderful but is not enough on its own. We are blessed to have dedicated teachers, like Ms. White, who eagerly accept the task of learning how to use these new tools to provide quality education to our students.
Thank you, again, citizens of Washington County along with Superintendent Taylor and School Board Members for helping to make purchases like these possible by funding accrued via the half-cent sales tax.