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School Safety

Parents, Guardians, and Visitors: For the safety of our students, you will be asked to present and scan your ID when you are checking students in or out and also when you are visiting the campus for any other reason.  


It is important to know that we cannot release certain information during a lockdown in order to protect children and school board employees. In most cases of a real emergency, local law enforcement dictates the information that can and cannot be released for the safety of the public as they work along with the Washington County School Board Officials. In these situations, we must remember that the protection of students and school board employees is paramount to the release of information.

It is important for all teachers, faculty, staff, parents, and the public to know the following:

  1. In the event of a real emergency/lockdown, school phones may not be answered, computers will be off or unavailable, and cell phone use may not be possible. Communication within the school may become limited.
  2. Procedures to safeguard children, faculty, and staff become paramount!
  3. The School and District have communication plans in place to contact authorities as needed.
  4. Notification to the public (including internal WCSD) will be as follows:
  • The first place to look for information is the District Website. Breaking News logo will be posted on the district website with information about the event. Each additional posting will be dated/timed so parents and the public know the latest news on the pending situation.
  • Parents should tune in to the following news outlets for the latest breaking news:

Washington County School Board

Washington County School Board Facebook

WJHG - Channel 7 (Panama City)

WMBB - Channel 13 (Panama City)

WCSD Contact: 

Kimberly Register, District Safety Specialist, 850-638-6222, [email protected]

WTVY- Channel 4 (Dothan, AL)

Chipley Bugle

Foster Folly

Washington County News

The above icon will be used as the image on the district website and social media outlets.
Its no joke


Social Media Safety

Emergency Management Resources


Florida Emergency Management





Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program

The Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program would allow some school employees to become qualified and trained to carry guns on school campuses as part of an effort to safeguard schools. The program is part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Safety ActIt is named after Aaron Feis, a coach who died when shielding students during the Feb. 14 school shooting.

Due to the Washington County School Board contracting with the Washington County Sheriff's Department to have full-time School Resource Officers assigned to every school in the district, the Washington County School Board has opted to not participate in the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program.

Washington County Emergency Preparedness

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