Washington County will not offer the Innovative Learning Option for the 2021/2022 school year.  Students who are currently enrolled in this option will have several options for next year.  They may:


  • Return to the home zoned school for traditional instruction  Students will be automatically enrolled in this option unless the school is notified by a new school or the district home school contact.

  • Washington Virtual K12  (k12.com)

  • Washington Virtual Franchise (PAEC.org)

  • Florida Virtual Full Time  (FLVS.net)

  • Home School  (WCSD office - 850-638-6222/Beth Arnold)


K12, Virtual Franchise, and FLVS Full Time all provide instruction with a certified teacher, follow the district calendar and offer a diploma.  They require a copy of a birth certificate, up-to-date immunization, and residency verification in order to enroll.  The deadline for enrollment in these virtual schools is July 16, 2021.  Students are encouraged to remain enrolled through the end of the semester.


Home School leaves all instructional decisions to the parent and does not offer a high school diploma.  Once students are enrolled in Home School their home school is notified and they are withdrawn from their previous school   Home school enrollment is open at any time and students are permitted to return to their home zoned schools at any time.