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Forgot Parent Portal Password

Click here to change your Parent Portal password. You must know your Username (which is the email address you registered with.)

Request Parent Portal Access

Click here to request access to the Parent Portal for your child. You must have a valid email address, your child's Date of Birth, and your child's Local Student ID (although the system will allow you to access using his/her SSN as an option, although not required).  You must also complete and sign the "Request for FOCUS PARENT PORTAL Access" form and return it to your child's school.  You may also add your other children during this registration process.  It is only necessary to return one Access form but each child must be listed at the bottom of the form so that the school can copy and send to the applicable school of each child.  Click here to access the "Request for Parent Portal Access" form.

Add a child to Parent Portal

Click here to add a child to your existing Parent Portal account.  You must have your child's Local Student ID and Date of Birth.

Prepay for Lunch

Click to add money to your child's lunch account.

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Statement of Compliance with FL Statutes Regarding Enrollment Information
Washington County School District welcomes all students.  The production of a SSN is optional and it will be used only for specified purposes below and not to identify a student's immigration status nor as a condition of enrollment. The Social Security Number, if provided, is used as identification in Washington County School District's student information system and is included in the student's permanent record at each school. The SSN is voluntary and a student will NOT be denied enrollment if his/her parent/guardian chooses not to provide.  Per FL Statute 1008.386, "Each district school board shall request that each student enrolled in a public school in this state provide his or her social security number. Each school district shall use social security numbers as student identification numbers in the management information system maintained by the school district. However, a student is not required to provide his or her social security number as a condition for enrollment or graduation."

FLDOE Graduation Requirements

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