The Washington County District School Board will consider revising/adopting School Board Policies. You may click the links below to view or pick up a copy of the proposed revisions at the physical address listed below.

A public hearing to make a DECISION on these policies will be held on:

Monday, December 12, at 5:00 P.M.

At The Washington County District School Board Board Room 750 Sinclair Street, Chipley, Florida


Legal Authority - The Washington County School Board Is authorized under Chapter 1001.43 of the Florida K-20 Education Code to develop/revise policy and procedures.

Economic Impact -The cost of promulgating these revisions will be approximately $.50 per document. Cost or benefit to those affected: None Impact on the open market: None

Proposed Revisions to Existing Policies

3.14*              Suicide Prevention

3.40*+            Safe and Secure Schools

3.68*              Background Screenings for Contractors

4.21*+            Instructional Materials Selection

4.22*+            Education Medial Materials Selection

5.20*+            Student Assignment

5.201*+          Student Out of Zone Transfer/Choice

5.23*+            Controlled Open Enrollment

5.53*+            School Health Services

5.711*            Parental Access to Information

6.17*              Appointment or Employment Requirements

6.29*              Report of Misconduct

6.31*              Records and Reports

6.541*            Annual Vacation Leave


Proposed New Procedures

4.22                Education Medial Materials Selection

5.20                Student Assignment

5.201              Student Out-of-Zone Transfer/Choice




Proposed Retired Policies

4.30                Challenged Materials

Proposed Revisions to Code of Student Conduct

Actions for Tobacco-Related Misconduct